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Sint-Lukas Brussels

University College of Art and Design

Sint-Lukas Brussels is a University College of Art and Design and was founded in 1880. For over a century our college has been and still is the only Flemish college of art and design in Brussels, the capital of Flanders, Belgium and of Europe. Sint-Lukas Brussels University College of Art and Design provides specialist education and research in the fields of art Design.

 We offer Bachelor's through Master's and Advanced Master's to Research degrees comprising 10 educational programs and 16 specialisations. The school offers photographers the possibility to specialise in a bachelor and master program. This program embraces a broad spectrum from studio, advertising and portrait photography, through documentary photography and photojournalism to fine art photography and from analogue to digital photography, video and installations. It's curriculum is designed to provide a practical and intellectual foundation upon which the personal, intellectual and artistic ambitions can be developed. Besides mastery of technical skills in the use of meterials, techniques and methods, all the course allows to develop the intellect and imagination, individual initiative and creativity of our students, as well as depth of interpretation of ideas through artistic and creative expression. Throughout the program the college offers it's students access to high quality technical facilities, including specialist workshops, and a supporting technical staff.

Syntra West Brugge

Courses of Photography

Syntra West is an organization set up in 1960 which is providing 3,5 million training hours every year for about 55.000 trainees.

We are working with 2.000 part-time trainers and a staff of 200 persons. There are 6 training campuses in the province of West-Flanders (Belgium).

Our target groups are company managers, senior staff and employees for small, medium to large companies.

Additionally, we're making our know-how and structure available towards non-profit organizations and public enterprises.

The offer is made up of short term and long term training, basic, advanced or expert couses serving 4 target groups:

  • Technical training sessions in 200 professions
  • Management training
  • IT Training
  • Specific language courses adapted to your own enterprise environment.


Besides professional and specialized tuition, individual training are also available.

We organize workshops, seminars etc. for professionals.

For the courses of Photography we can rely on a professional group of teachers who are still working as a photographer on a daily bases.

With this practical approuch you become a professional photographer with great skills and an eye for detail.