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Sinar CTM (Color To Match)

Color Accuracy redefined.

Sinar CTM (Color To Match) - Color Accuracy redefined.

The Sinar CTM (Color To Match) multispectral system for highly accurate color reproduction in digital high-end photography corresponds to the visible spectrum of the human eye. This extreme color accuracy is especially required in digitization of valuable cultural objects of art, paintings, in reprography, scientific and advertising photography. This path breaking solution for unmatched color accuracy has been engineered together with the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), USA.

Absolute parallelism with Sinar parallel

Precise alignment of the camera!

Absolute parallelism with Sinar parallel.

The basis for the accurate image sharpness is the perfect flatness of the object to be captured and the parallel alignment of the camera. A further novelty provides valuable assistance: Sinar parallel is an excellent device for precise adjustment. The battery powered Sinar parallel is placed on the capturing table and its laser beam reflects from a mirror on the camera. Precise alignment of the camera is achieved when the laser beam exactly hits the middle of the crosshairs of Sinar parallel. The adjustment needs to be done on the camera stand, Sinar offers specific adapter plates for Kaiser and Foba.

The Leica S with the Sinar System.

Sinar p-MF-L

The Leica S with the Sinar System. 

High-end Professional Photography for Leica S Medium Format:
The Sinar p-MF-L was developed especially for photographers who wish to avail themselves of the unique quality characteristics of a Sinar view camera while using their Leica S high-end medium format camera body. Exact control of perspective and selective sharpness, the most important creative tools in photography, are set and evaluated precisely on a view camera – all these advantages are now available for Leica S users. In addition, this solution offers the benefit of a distinct increase in quality by using high-resolution Sinaron lenses designed specifically for digital imaging.

The motorised Sinar rePro RC (Remote Control)

Unique camera specifically designed for digital high-end reprography

The motorized Sinar rePro RC 

Unique camera specifically designed for digital high-end reprography.

Manufactured in Switzerland with legendary Sinar precision for best quality, the motorized Sinar rePro RC (Remote Control) features increased stability, built-in security, comfortable handling and optimum ease of operation. Specifically developed for the increasing requirements of digitization and archiving, the Sinar rePro RC provides an easy workflow with maximum accuracy – conveniently remote controlled. As a result, a large throughput of photographs can be achieved.

The use of all professional lenses is ensured, lateral shift eliminates reflections, and for mounting the camera on a stand you chose between front or rear standard. The high-quality stepper motor offers two speed levels which correspond to a coarse and a fine focus adjustment, controlled via remote box or via USB with the Sinar CaptureFlow software.

Now available: Sinar CaptureFlow Studio 1.3.0

The Sinar Capture Software with constant color-management.

Dear Sinar customer,

Please be informed that Sinar CaptureFlow Studio 1.3.0 is ready for download.
  • New Functions & Features
  • Fixed Bugs
  • Capture Flow Functions & Features

Key Features:

  • Integrated Color-Management
  • Image Export in CMYK and RGB
  • Camera Calibration
  • True color Live Image
  • Overlay function
  • Campare View
  • Customised User Interface
  • Shading
  • 3 Focus points

Sinar Care Protection

All-inclusive Warranty Extension

Sinar Care Protection (SCP): All inclusive Warrany Extension.

Value protecting full service for Sinar Digital Backs ensure the innovative advantage.


This unique "All-Around Worry-Free Full-Service" offer for Sinar Digital Backs heralds a new dimension in the performance of digital products, because it is refreshingly and thoroughly different from all other currently available warranties. The SCP safeguards complete value retention of the photographer's investment for many years, providing him or her with the peace of mind of completely risk-free operation.

Sinar covers all the costs of repairs and shipping and offers a free-of-charge exchange for a new digital back to suit your needs (after 12 months at the earliest). The user gains the ability to work continuously with the latest technology, without having to worry about further investments. Sinar also practically eliminates downtime caused by repairs by providing free-of-charge, uncomplicated and very fast product replacement.

New professional digital back fro Sinar Photography!

Sinarback eXact

Sinar Digital Backs meet the Highest Quality Demands.

Sinar One- and Multishot digital backs stand for the uncompromising dedication to the highest digital image quality. All Sinar digital backs deliver results that are clearly unsurpassed in terms of color accuracy and color resolution. Based on the well-proven Sinar Microscan Technology, the Sinar eXact achieves data sizes of up to 576MB (RGB/8 bit) in impressive multishop quality. Thanks to the downscaling function, image data sizes of 12 up to 192 megapixels can be achieved with a single digital back, giving the Sinar eXact a broad range of new fields of applications.

Sinar rePro Camera System

The professional tool for reproduction!

Created for the faithful reproduction of the finest details, the Sinar rePro Camera System.


In keeping with the ever growing demand for digitalization and the resulting needs for filing and archiving, the demands placed on reproduction cameras have changed considerably. The major decisive factors in selecting a modern reproduction camera are its ease of operation and its precision. A large volume of items to be digitalized requires an optimized workflow. Repeating unsatisfactory exposures constitutes a significant waste of time, which in turn results in additional costs. Serious attention was paid to these considerations during the development process of the Sinar rePro camera. The result is a camera that meets the requirements of reproduction photography without any encumbrances.

eShutter, the Sinar Shutter System

Your Solution Provider for Professional Photography.

eShutter, the Sinar Shutter System.

Your Solution Provider for Professional Photography.

The Sinar eShutter is fully integrated into the System and thanks to its open architecture it can also be used with all the other manufacturers' systems. The design permits unrestricted conversions of existing lenses size 0 and it provides an attractive entry into the Sinar eShutter System.

Sinar p SLR

Put your digital SLR camera on a Sinar P camera

The Professional Extension for 35mm Cameras!

The Sinar p-slr was disigned especially for photographers who wish to take advantage of the unique advantages and quality characteristics of a Sinar view camera in conjunction with their single reflex cameras. Exact control of perspective and selective sharpness, the most important creative tools in photography, are set and evaluated precisely on a view camera.

In addition, this meticulously thought-out solution offers the benefit of a distinct increase in quality by using high-resolution Sinaron lenses designed specifically for digital imaging.

Sinar Software Capture Flow

Workflow-Software with Color-Management.

The Sinar Capture Software "CaptureFlow" with a constant color-management in cooperation with basIC Color GmbH.

Flexibility and Innovation.

CaptureFlow combines many years of experience and know-how of two professional photo enterprices to an innovative product. The technically sophisticated software is geared to the high demands of professional photographers. The partnership between Sinar - the solution provider for high-end-cameras - and the color management specialist basICColor leads to the creative and workflow-oriented image processing software CaptureFlow. Thanks to the sophisticated color profiling solutions the photographer gains high quality images and an optimized workflow.

P3, The Sinar Camera System.

Your solution provider for professional photography.

P3, the Sinar Camera System, your solution provider for professional photography.

The Sinar View Camera with its versatile accessory modules produces an image quality of highest level. It provides professional performance without  compromises, creative composition as well as true to original reproductions, all of this within a clearly defined workflow. Perspective and sharpness, the most important creative tools, are controlled and evaluated directly at the camera. Time-consuming, inefficient and costly subsequent manipulations on the computer coupled with visible losses of quality, are eliminated. The rules and fundamentals of optics have not changed, but cameras and lenses have evolved enormoulsy in terms of resolution and image quality. Specific system configurations that incorporate these new developments take full advantage of the resolving power of today's digital backs and they deliver a most impressive increase in quality.

Lantec - Artec

Landscapes and Architecture

Lantec - Artec, Landscapes and Architecture.

Your Solution Provider, Highest quality demands for mobile applications.

Mobile Sinar camera Systems establish standards in digital photography. Never before have camera systems been tailored so accurately to the particular requirements of professional architectural- and landscape photography. The results of intensive market survey are evident in every aspect. With its two camera models arTec and LanTec, Sinar offers two mobile camera systems that stand out for their superb manufacturing quality and precision. These unsurpassed precision mechanical masterpieces are the result of decades of experience in the meticulous manufacture of premium products for high-end photography. The perfect harmonization of highly precise mechanical components and advanced optics lead to images with unsurpassed detail sharpness.

The Apple iPhone and iPod Touch can be connected to serve as viewfinders that provide brilliant images for composing and focusing.

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