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Permajet Inkjet Media Catalogue 2017

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Permajet awarded title of Best Professional Paper for the fourth year.

Permajet Oyster 271.

PermaJet awarded title of Best Professional Paper for the fourth year.

PermaJet Oyster 271 was awarded Best Professional Paper 2016 by The Societies of Photographers, making this the fourth year the inkjet media brand has achieved this prestigious accolade.

PermaJet picked up their award at The Societies Awards evening where over five hundred photographers and representatives from leading photographic brands around the world celebrated their successes.


This is PermaJet's third time winning the award with Oyster 271, with 2015 seeing the award go to Titanium Lustre 280.


PermaJet's Marketing Executive, Abi Symons, said "We're thrilled to be receiving this award again. Oyster 271 is one of our most popular media types, so to have it recognised as the best professional paper for a third time is an honour." 


NEW Portrait Rag 285gsm.

Digital & Fine Art Archival Printing Solutions for the Imagemaker.

NEW Portrait Rag 285gsm, now available!
Description of product:
A classic from the Permajet range that retains its 100% cotton base and subtle texture while making it marginally lighter at 285gsm. This mould-made product is acid-free and meets the highest digital art standards. Certified by an independent UCAS Laboratory this material, like many Permajet products, exceeds the Fine Art Trade Guild's archival standards and is ideal for Art and Photo reproductions. Smooth skin tones and image sharpness can be archieved with the wide colour gamut and high D-Max that the new coating brings.

NEW Portfolio Rag 220gsm.

Digital & Fine Art Archival Printing Solutions for the Imagemaker.

NEW Portfolio Rag 220gsm now available!
Description of product:
At a weight of 220gsm it is a smooth mould made 100% cotton rag, pH neutral art paper, which is ideally suited for framers or print labs where the image is to be mounted and framed.

NEW Photo Art Silk 290gsm.

Digital & Fine Art Archival Printing Solutions for the Imagemaker.

NEW Photo ArtSilk290gsm, available as from now!
Description ofproduct:
The popularsurface and finish of the Smooth ArtSilkhas been updated to a 290gsm base offering printer friendly loading. The unique ink receiving layer that exhibits the silk/satin sheen once printed on has been developed to give greater colour vibrancy and increased scratch resistance. This superb coating is undetectable on the surface until the ink is applied andt hen bursts with a subtle yet, vibrant silk sheen.
The new Photo Art Silk 290gsm media is ideal for all reproductions of landscape, wildlife and creative digital art as well as portraiture.

NEW Museum Heritage 310gsm!

Digital & Fine Art Archival Printing Solutions for the Imagemaker.

NEW Museum Heritage 310gsm, available as from now!
Description of product:
A beautiful white art paper with a PH neutral base that is delicately textured. Produced from a mix of cottonand alpha cellulose which gives a soft feel while retaining the rigidity the art/lab printing and framing houses demand.

NEW Artist Watercolour 250 gsm!

Digital & Fine Art Archival Printing Solutions for the Imagemaker.

NEW Artist Watercolour 250gsm, available as from now!
Description of product;
The Artist Watercolour 250gsm textured art paper has a sumptuous off-white base tone made from alpha cellulose. The mould-made base material with a highly defined rough surface that delivers incredible fine art prints.
Ideally suited to the reproduction of Artists' watercolour work or the output ofphotographicimages fromwhich you wish to achieve subtle artistic impressions. It has a very high colour gamut volume and a Dmaxof 1.6 which combine to give you an elegant and versatile art paper.

FB Distinction 320 is an upgrade for old FB Distinction 360, same spec. lighter weight.

FB Distinction 320/ A4 to A2 cut sheets and 17

FB Distinction 320/ A4 to A2 cut sheets and 17", 24" and 44" 15 metre rolls.
The FB Distinction 320 maintains the unique characteristics of the previous version but uses new, advanced top and rear coating technology to deliver a flat surface for printer friendly loading.
The enhanced, bright white, acid free Baryta base offers exceptional reproduction qualities. The superior coating enables modern printer inks to achieve the highest Dmax rating in the World, therefore delivering the widest tonal range.
The premium gloss surface guarantees full archival stability - a standard which is found across the Permajet Fibre Based range of 100% alpha cellulose coated materials.

NEW FB Satin 310 replaces Photo Art Pearl 290.

FB Satin 310/ A4 to A2 cut sheets and 17

FB Satin 310/ A4 to A2 cut sheets and 17", 24", 44" and 60" 15 metre rolls.
The FB Satin 310 is a fantastic new addition to the Permajet Baryta range. This long overdue introduction combines the best features of the popular FB Gloss and Royal with a sumptuous satin finish which emulates an un-glazed/air dried fibre based print. The subtle undulations throughout the paper base, combined with the new coating technology allows for detailed ink retention across a wide tonal range for a unique character.
This new media incorporates our superior coating with a unique satin top layer delivering pin sharp results. The alpha cellulose base is acid and lignin free and is internally buffered to enhance fade resistance from changing ozone effects. The coating provides an exceptional D-Max and colour gamut with pigment inks, making it ideal for both colour and monochrome reproductions.

NEW FB Royal Gloss 310 replaces FB Gloss 295 & FB Royal 325.

FB Royal Gloss 310/ A4 to A2 cut sheets and 17", 24", 44" and 60" metre rolls.

FB Royal Gloss 310/ A4 to A2 cut sheets and 17", 24", 44" and 60" 15 metre rolls.
Permajet's New FB Royal Gloss is an amalgamation of the most popular characteristics and features of FB Gloss and FB Royal. The enhanced coating has been placed on a new 310gsm base, delivering a flatter product for easy printer loading. It has a beautiful, natural white, acid-free base with the same subtle undulations in the paper base itself. Improved multi-layer technology delivers the highest colour gamut achievable with pigment inks which delivers an exceptionally high D-Max rating which enhances both colour and monochrome reproductions. Its consistent gloss surface and heavyweight base offers a true similarity to a traditional glazed fibre based print.
The impressive alpha cellulose base is acid and lignin free and offers enhanced protection from changing ozone effects through the fade resisting internal buffers.

New products from Permajet!

Greeting Cards, Postcards, Presentation Sleeves, Parer Creaser...

Greeting & Postcards.

Be part of the massive Greetings Cards and Postcards market with these brilliant new additions to the Permajet Inkjet media range which you can print through any standard inkjet printer....

Permajet has developed cards using quality inkjet media which allow you to be able to reproduce and sell your precious images or artwork at a premium price. The card has been coated with a high quality ink receiving layer which works well with dye or pigment based inks. Even more useful is that the reverse side can also be printed on for textual purposes with personalised messages and greetings and avoids the usual problem with ink bleed similar.

Anti-curlroller Permajet

A unique Permajet feature!


The Anti-Curl Roller has been specially designed to take the typical curl out of prints and posters printed on roll media in minutes!

The first-of-its-kind accessory provides an ingenious solution to the common curling problems associated with true fine art inkjet roll materials, annoyingly costing wasted time and money to your business.

By simply using the anti-curl roller device, you can take the curl out of inkjet prints and fine art papers in minutes without causing any surface damage or creases to the printed images....

Permajet, member of the Fine Art Trade Guild

High quality archival print solutions

Permajet are members of the Fine Art Trade Guild based in London, England. Through their association with this organisation they have undergone strategic and documented tests on papers with both OEM & third party inks to ensure images meet the Guilds Standard of 6+ on the "Blue Wool Scale".

They have published the certifacates on their web site

to give users confidence in the level of archive-ability of their images.

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