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First electronic lens adapter from NOVOFLEX.

Canon meets Leica SL.

First electronic lens adapter from NOVOFLEX, Canon meets Leica SL.
The first electronic lens adapter from NOVOFLEX which enables Leica SL-photographers to use their existing or new Canon EF-mount lenses.
The adapter supports autofocus, automatic aperture control, AF/MF mode as well as depth of field indication.
Moreover, the EXIF data for aperture and focal lenght are transferred.

New tripodlegs for Novoflex TrioPodand QuadroPod!

Short and good.

New tripod legs for NOVOFLEX TrioPod and QuadroPod, short and good!

By launching the modular tripod systems TrioPod (three legs) and QuadroPod (four legs) NOVOFLEX set a new benchmark for tripod technique. The modular design of both tripods with the possibility to use different leg segments or hiking sticks as tripod legs, allows a still more flexible and individual use of the tripod legs. The Memmingen think-tank is now presenting three new, shorter leg types which can be carried even more compactly. In the conception of the new legs, special attention was given to small dimensions with concurrently high stability.

175 Years of Photography.

Special edition NOVOFLEX MagicBall.

Novoflex & 175 Years of Photography.

As part of this year's jubilee "175 Years of Photography" there will be a special edition of the popular ball head MagicBall available as of June.
The special edition will then receive a laser engraving of the specially designed logo "175 Years of Photography - Imaging Unlimited", the customer's name on request, the year 2014 and a numbering .../175 at no extra charge!
The edition is limited to 175 pieces!!! After placing order at your local dealer store, delivery time is approx. 2-3 weeks.

Extension tube set for Leica M lenses and lens adapter for VisoflexII-/III-lenses in one kit.

Multi-functional capabilities.

Multi-functional capabilities, extension tube set for Leica M lenses and lens adapter for Visoflex II-/III-lenses in one kit.

Devoted Leica photographers will be enthusiastic about these news:NOVOFLEX, the Memmingen specialist for photo accessories is now
launching an adapter set, with which not only the well-proven andhigh quality „historic lens treasures“ can be adapted to the digital
camera Leica M240, but which is also offering the possibility to enter easily into the world of close-up and macro photography. The new NOVOFLEX adapter LEM/VIS II, replacing the predecessor adapter LEM/VIS offers a practical threefold use:

1. Using Leica M-lenses the adapter set has the effect of pull-out
extension and thus offers a perfect entry into the field of macro
photography with achievable image scales between 0,28:1 to
almost 1:1 when using a 50 mm lens.

2. Fully assembled it enables the adaption of Visoflex II- and
Visoflex III lenses directy to the Leica M240 permitting focusing
to infinity.

3. Using the rear ring only, LTM-lenses (M39 x 1/26“) can be used
on all Leica M-cameras with focusing to infinity.

The adapter LEM/VIS II consists of five parts, which have been manufactured according to highest quality standards and is - as all other adapters - part of the NOVOFLEX comprehensive assortment „Made in Germany“. The adapter provides a high-precise correction of the flange focal length and permits focusing to infinity (Visoflex II-/III-lenses and LTM-lenses).
Using Leica M-lenses, the rings can be used individually or in combinationas extension tubes.

Novoflex LEM/LER-adapter which adapts Leica R-lenses and Leica M-type cameras.

LEM/LERadapter officially licenced by Leica Camera AG.

The successful LEM/LER-adapter which adapts Leica R-lenses and Leica M-type cameras is now officially licenced by Leica Camera AG.
From now on the adapter carries the label "Under Licence from Leica Camera AG". See image on the left. In addition, it is 6-bit coded to enable Leica M240-users to access the cameras built-in R-lenses menu.

New adapters Novoflex for Pentax Q & Nikon 1 cameras

Give your lenses a second life!

Novoflex has two completely new lines of Adapters for Pentax Q cameras (PENTQ/***) and for Nikon 1 cameras (NIK/***).

For both camera systems Novoflex designed the whole range of lens adapters - similar to the models that are already available for Sony NEX and MicroFourThirds cameras. Also the pricing is the same.


There are also three new models of our adapters for LEICA M cameras that replace the former versions.


The new CAST-FINE allows an even finer adjustment of the focussing racks CASTEL-Q and CASTEL XQ.


Select here the camera you want to use and/or the type of lens you want to adapt.

Please note, that due to technical reasons (flange focal lenght difference) only the camera-/lens combinations mentioned by the adapter finder are possible.

New adapters for Fuji X-Pro 1

Released for adaption

As with the other adapters that are already available from Novoflex, the new adapters for the Fuji X-Pro 1 are manufactured by Novoflex to the highest quality standards. They offer a highly precise correction of the flange focal distance to permit focussing to infinity. In addition, the versions for Nikon, Minolta AF/Sony Alpha and Pentax K have a built-in aperture control and can even be used with lenses which do not have a manual aperture ring.


The Novoflex adapters for the Fuji X-Pro 1 are available for the following types:

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