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Since 1986, Delkin Devices Inc. has been one of the nation's top manufacturers of memory upgrades for office automation equipment and digital devices, such as digital cameras. Our success has been the result of providing a broad range of specialty memory products with the highest quality, and innovative designs coupled with superior customer service.

GoPro Adapter




Impossible Shots, Made Possible.

Mount your GoPro® Hero action camera to any standard ¼”-20 photography accessory, including any Fat Gecko Camera Mount, monopod, tripod, Gorillapod® and much more. Combine it with any of our Fat Gecko camera mounts and securely capture images and video footage, hands-free, with your GoPro from unique and exciting perspectives. Attach it to the hood of a car, a surfboard or snowboard or even the top of a helmet; the possibilities are endless. The adapter also allows you to vertically rotate your GoPro a full 180°; enabling you to customize and achieve any desired shooting angle, even while in motion.

See life from new perspectives when you combine your GoPro Hero action camera with one of our Fat Gecko camera mounts. Whether it’s that epic jump you landed while mountain biking or paddling through massive white-water rapids, our adapter will allow you to capture shots and footage once considered impossible with your GoPro.

Note: Nuts & Bolts are not included.

Fat Gecko Strap Mount.

Attaches your camera to poles, trees and may other objects.

Fat Gecko Strap Mount.
The Fat Gecko Strap Mount attaches your camera to poles, trees and many other objects up to 1,37m circumference using rugged straps. Useful in places where suction cup or other mounts are not practical, especially outdoors or in public places.
  • Wrap your mount around trees, poles, pipes and more.
  • Rated to hold up to 3,6kg.
  • Strap your camera to any object from 19cm to 1,37m.

Fat Gecko Smart Phone Bracket

Mount your iPhone to any standard 1/4

Fat Gecko Smart Phone Bracket.
The Fat Gecko Smart Phone Bracket lets you mount your iPhone, Android or Phablet to any standard photography mount, including Fat Gecko Camera Mounts, Tripods, Monopods, Gorillapods and more.
  • Attach your Smart Phone to Tripods, Fat Geckos & more.
  • Compatible with any smart phone or phablet.
  • Hands free use & viewing.
  • Recommended accessory for Fat Gecko Kaboom.

Fat Gecko Kaboom

Kaboom, impossible shots made possible!

FAT GECKO KABOOM, impossible shots made possible.
The first Carbon Fiber camera boom with 5 configurations and hundreds of uses.
Designed for mirrorless and action cameras.
  • Tripod Extender (add 1,83m to any tripod for high angle view.
  • Helmet Boom (Capture video from an unusual, dramatic angle)
  • Vehicle Mount (Set up hundreds of boom angles off any vehicle)
  • Self Portrait (take pictures of yourself and friends, anywhere)
  • High Angle (Shot from high, dangerous, unique angles & spots, easily


Delkin Digital Camera & Accessory Floatation


Delkin's Jellyfish is a unique protection and floatation accessory for the ruggedized waterproof camera owner, or for any photographer who shoots in, on, or around water.


Buoyant enough to float even the heaviest compact digital camera, watertight down to five feet, visible even in the murkiest conditions, able to open thousands of bottles with the stealthy flick of a wrist, and versatile enough for any situation on or off the water, the Jellyfish is the perfect accessory for the active photographer.

Delkin Fat Gecko Camera Mount

Fat Gecko

Fat GeckoTM Camera Mount.


Delkin's Camera Mount is a revolutionary new camera mounting kit designed for use in motorsports of all categories. Strong enough to remain securely in place, rugged enough to hold an expensive camera, and light enough to go un-noticed while in use with its universal tripod mount and suction cup, this Delkin Camera mount can be used with any camera and on any surface.


New product CF Memory Tote

Weatherproof Protection for CompactFlash Memory Cards

CF Memory Tote Weatherproof Protection for CompactFlash Memory Cards.


CF Memory Tote Features:


-Protects up to 8 CF Type I Memory Cards Shock resistant rubberized tote holds up to 8 Type    I CompactFlash memory cards in 4 compartments (2 per compartment).


-Weather Resistant Sealed to protect contents from spills, splashes, moisture & corrosion.


-Crushproof Ruggedized outer case and insulated inner liner keeps photos, video and data secure.


-Travel Sized. Photographers, videographers, gamers, musicians, hunters and more...


Delkin CombatFlash Cards

Rugged, Fast, Relentless!

Delkin CombatFlash memory is built tough to excel in situations and environments that exceed a normal memory card's durability and performance. Each US manufactured CompactFlash card is subjected to rigorous quality testing, then put through a patent pending TektaTM infusion process that protects the card and its contents from extreme temperatures, underwater submersion, humidity, rain, shock, dust, impact, fungus, vibration, rust and more. Whether you're shooting in the Arctic, documenting a story in the Sahara, recording dive footage of a shipwreck, or climbing Mount Everest, CombatFlash is built to endure.

Delkin, NEW Combatflash 685 CF UDMA 6 cards

Rugged & Waterproof

64GB Combatflash 685 CF UDMA 6 rugged & waterproof!


Rugged. Fast. Relentless.


685X transfers keep up with demanding HD video applications and modes, including slow motion and 3D recording. Soldered and sealed components deliver reliable performance in any shooting environment.

Sophisticated Wear Leveling & Error Correction features manage data continuously to ensure data integrity and card stamina. Backed by Delkin's trusted Lifetime Warranty.

Delkin WingMan HD

Waterproof 3oz. Action Camera

Be your own actor, stuntman, videographer, director, editor, producer and creative agency.

The Wingman HD captures all of your adventures in high definition 1080p clarity right out of the box, and includes everything you need to record still pictures and video from every perspective imaginable. No more hold-ups - get out there and play!


-1,5" color LCD for real-time view & playback.

-3 x digital zoom.

-Professional 1080p HD video recording.

-8 megapixel image sensor.

-Universal mounting system.

-150° wide angle view.

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