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From outdoor to fashion, there are revolutionary innovations - both in form and price!

broncolor Litepipe P, the latest broncolor light shaper!

A real innovation in the market of professional lighting systems.

The broncolor Litepipe P
With Litepipe P broncolor launches a real innovation in the market of professional
lighting systems. Powerful, versatile and dismountable – this makes the Litepipe P
to the ideal companion for any photographer in the studio and on location.
Consisting of only five components this revolutionary, lightweight light shaper is
mounted and ready for use in only one minute's time.

"How To" examples on Litepipe P can be found in the following video:

Over 10 hours of exclusive lighting tutorial with each Siros!

Delivered along with a small booklet in every packaging of Siros while stock lasts.We know that Siros users are serious about their photography. We also know that having the right tool is just part of the equation in creating more dynamic photographs. As

We know that Siros users are serious about their photography. We also know that having the right tool is just part of the equation in creating more dynamic photographs. As a result of the positive media resonance to broncolors free tutorial section "How to" and the years good cooperation with the photography-trainer and video tutorial expert Karl Taylor, broncolor decided to produce a special video series for buyers of Siros compact devices. The outcome is 40 exclusive video-turorials on professional lighting technology, which can be played from anywhere thanks to a portable Digital Key. As from now, when buying a new broncolor Siros device, this Digital Key gets delivered along with a small booklet in every packaging and buyers can benefit from these video-tutorials free-of-charge (while stock lasts).

Market introduction Scoro WiFi/RFS 2 and bronControl Desktop App!

Beside mobile units, desktop computers are now also supported!

Market introduction Scoro WiFi / RFS 2 and bronControl Desktop App.

Thanks to the reworked hardware and software an even more convenient control is possible with the new Scoro WiFi / RFS 2. Beside mobile units , desktop computers (Windows, macOS) are now also supported. Optically, the new power pack series presents themselves in a mat finished black. The other technical specifications remain unchanged.
The new Scoro WiFi / RFS 2 gives you the following choise for a link:
either the broncolor units establish automatically an independent network ("private mode") or the unit become integrated into an existing local network ("enterprise mode").
Beta version of bronControl app (bronControl V2.0 beta) with immediate effect ready for download.

broncolor New Strip Grid 5:1 for P70 reflector!

New at Photokina 2016.

New: Strip Grid 5:1 for P70 reflector.

Honeycomb grids are popular accessories to control the light angle. They are known in metal for reflectors or fabric for softboxes and Paras. Various sizes allow to reduce the coverage angle accordingly.
A honeycomb grid always gives an image with higher contrasts as less light becomes reflected. Due to the form of the grid, the illumination is round and centre-oriented.
We supplement our assortment of honeycomb grids with the new Strip Grid 5:1. Basically, it has the same function as all our honeycomb grids. However, what differs completely is the form of the honeycomb. As the name already implies it is not round but constructed rectangularly at the rate of 5:1 which gives you new creative possibilities. What until now could only be achieved with complicated optical systems can now also be realized with this innovative heat-resistant honeycomb grid.

broncolor HS - flash with very short exposure times!

From now on with Siros L and Move thanks to the new RFS 2.2 transceiver.

broncolor HS - flash with very short exposure times - from now on with Siros L and Move thanks to the new RFS 2.2 transceiver.

The function broncolor HS lets you use now flash in combination with very short exposure time settings on your camera. For example, with ambient light, even with the aperture wide open (selective focus), the image can be underexposed correctly with up to 1/8000 s and Siros L still lets you set dominant and creative light effects.
As from now on broncolor HS is also available for Siros L and Move. All you need for this, is the RFS 2.2 transmitter, which is available for Nikon, Canon or Sony cameras. In addition, “HS” must be activated on all flash unit in use. This modifies the flash curve and guarantees, in combination with RFS 2.2, correct exposure with no limits on your choice of shutter speed.
A change of the flash tube is not necessary, neither with Move nor with Siros L. For Siros L units we recommend a software update to version 52.04. This update improves the HS function and may be downloaded from our website:
However, for Move a software update is required. This update must be made at the aftersales service point's. Further, please note that HS for Move is optimized for the use with one lamp. If working with two lamps only a symmetric power distribution is possible.

Introduction of the new RFS 2.2 transceiver
The RFS 2.2 transceiver operates as a remote control or radio flash trigger for one or more broncolor power packs or monolights equipped with an RFS 2 interface. Power packs or monolights not equipped with an RFS 2 interface can be operated by connecting an RFS 2.2 transceiver (as a receiver).

RFS 2.2 as transmitter
RFS 2.2 is available for Canon, Nikon or Sony and optimized for its operation. Based on the specific construction of the hot shoe for these camera systems, the use with other brands is not recommended or needs to be tested first.
RFS 2.2 as HS transmitter
In the HS mode the transmitter is factory set to work correctly with all camera models of Nikon, Sony or Canon. The time between flash triggering and shutter opening is controlled by a prepro-grammed trigger delay in that way that optimum lighting results with an exposure time of up to 1/8000 s may be achieved.
When HS is active, you can choose through the HSMA menu (HS Manual Adjust) the optimal exposure depending on the camera model. The purpose of HSMA mode is to override the automatic HS flash trigger.

Broncolor Product information!

New "Edge Masks"

Broncolor Edge Mask.

An Edge Mask is an accessory for Softboxes. It is like an additional diffuser which you can easily mount on the front of the Softbox thanks to the Velcro.
The inner part of the Edge Mask is a completely dark square where no light is passing. The light only shines through the edges creating a frame of light. The frame is 7cm wide for the smallest Softbox (35x60), 10cm wide for the medium-sized (60x100 and 90x120) and 15cm wide for the biggest Softbox (120x180).
The purpose of the Edge Mask is to create a contour light around your subject. To achieve this nice effect, you place the Softbox with the Edge Mask exactly behind your subject. The frame of light will illuminate the edge of your subject while the background stays black.

Broncolor Product information !

New: "Focus 110"

broncolor "Focus 110"

The new deep umbrella Focus 110 is a parabolic umbrella reflector with 12 segments. It has a diameter of 110cm and is 40cm deep. The internal coating is silver reflective, the outside is black. The sturdy construction of the prop is made of steel and the rods of high quality fibre glass composite.
This provides optimal tension and shape of the umbrella and the highest stability for the use in the studio or on location. Focus 110 is not just a "normal" photo umbrella. The differences are clearly visible. The light is more directed and very homogeneous. By moving the light source within the umbrella, the light characteristics vary from very hard to very soft. This helps to create fast and easily the desired mood and will give to your pictures the final touch.

Look, no power cord!

The new broncolor SIROS L arrived at Hotz!

Look, no power cord!
Today, on a sunny afternoon the new broncolor SIROS L arrived at Hotz.
Toys for professionals, let the game begin!
Made with Zeiss Milvus 1,4/85mm 1/250sec Ø16 ISO 100

SIROS L, broncolor's battery monolight.

broncolor presents its new compact device - battery - powered studio quality!

broncolor presents its new compact device, Siros L, broncolor's battery monolight!

With the Siros 800 L, we have succeeded in producing one of the most powerful compact devices currently available on the market. The Siros 800 L is, like the somewhat smaller version, the Siros 400 L, a true genius in offering discerning photographers optimum lighting both indoors and outdoors.
Produced for ambitious professional photographers who do not want to make any compromises. Most modern lithium ion technology paired with the ECTC technology known from our high-end power packs makes it possible: 440 flashes with full power, flash duration up to 1/19'000 (t0.5) and, of course, guaranteed constant colour temperature over the entire control range.

FP Imagine rental, broncolor rental studio.

Huren - Location - Rental

FP Imagine  Rental, 
FP iMAGINE verhuurt professionele fototoestellen, 4K video, foto- en cinelenzen, toebehoren, flitsmateriaal, foto & videostudio's, ingerichte kamers, parking en vergaderruimtes.

FP iMAGINE loue des appareils photo professionnels, vidéo 4K, objectifs, accessoires, matériel flash, studios photo et vidéo, chambres décorées, salles de réunion et espaces d'événements.

New Siros catalogue French version.

Vous pouvez le télécharger ici.

Siros Circle - broncolor's Customer loyalty programme for Siros Users!

Join the SIROS Circle and profit from many advantages.

"Siros Circle" - broncolor's Customer loyalty programme for Siros users.

Join the SIROS Circle and profit from many advantages!

Dear broncolor Siros customer, with the launch of the Siros beginning of this year, broncolor initiated a new customer relations programme called "the Siros Circle". The Siros Owners can register themselves for the Circle over a special set-up website.
After registration, you'll gain access to an exclusive, 50 minute video about the Siros presented by broncolor Photographer Urs Recher including a full demonstration of the light itself and several different set-ups for photoshoots. In the future, you as a member, will receive a special Newsletter covering the latest insights about the Siros as well as promotional offers and software update notifications.

We encourage you to sign up for the Siros Circle to gain access to the video and stay up to date about future developments.

New broncolor system catalogue 2015-2016 English version.

"Flash with Dimension"

New broncolor system catalogue 2015-2016 English version.

Bevat de nieuwe Siros flitsers, de nieuwe broncolor Beautybox 65 en veel meer...

U kan de Engelse Pdf versie van de nieuwe catalogus downloaden via onderstaande link.
U kan eveneens de geprinte versie aanvragen die we u per post toesturen.

New broncolor system catalogue 2015-2016 version Française.

"Le système Flash"

New broncolor system catalogue 2015-2016 version Française.

Avec les nouveaux Siros, broncolor Beautybox 65 etc..

Vous pouvez la télécharger en Pdf à partir de notre site ou nous pouvons vous l'envoyer gratuitement en version papier.

Nieuwe broncolor verhuurstudio in België!

Welkom bij fotostudio Wartibo.

Welkom bij fotostudio Wartibo.
Deze fotostudio is een volledig nieuwe fotostudio verdeeld in 3 zones die samen of afzonderlijk te gebruiken zijn.
Met deze 3 aparte ruimtes in nieuwe  bedrijfsunit met een totale oppervlakte van 400m² kan zowel de amateur- als professionele fotograaf zijn passie voor fotografie in een rustige omgeving uitoefenen.
Bovendien is deze fotostudio uitgerust met grote visagieruimte, aparte workshopruimte met zowel keuken, douche en toilet.
Een vrijblijvend bezoek aan fotostudio  of workshopruimte is steeds mogelijk.
Studio volledig uitgerust met up-to-date broncolor materiaal!
Fotostudio: Winkelom 87, Unit B2, B-2440 Geel.

A new member of the Para family - Para 133!

The new Para 133 complements the Para System perfectly.

The new Para 133 complements the Para System perfectly.
A Para never ceases to impress! There is no other light that gives bodies, faces and products that much volume and plasticity. No other light is so soft and yet allows skin to glow so wonderfully natural. The broncolor Paras are the most flexible lighting system ever! Whether as a powerful spot, a soft cloud of light, fitted with diffusers or honeycomb grids or used with flash or continuous light - you get  exactly the light you want. Always. Everywhere.

Rental Studio broncolor in Antwerp

Foto Rembrandt Rental Studio

55m² Rental Studio broncolor in Antwerp!

Lenght: 11 m.

Width: 5 m.

Height: 4,5 m.

broncolor product information

Adapter Profoto for focusing systems Para 88

The broncolor Para 88 is in great demand! Due to its variable light Para 88 may be used in practically all areas of photo and videography. As an innovation and from now on, an adapter for Profoto lamps is available too. By only one wing screw, it can fast and easily be mounted on the focusing system.

Order code: BR 33.489.03

Now online: broncolor Blog

Register today!

Now online: broncolor Blog. 

From now on the broncolor Blog is online, register today!
We will inform you about broncolor news regularly and publish exciting stories - be surprised.


The incredible Duo

Scoro S and Scoro E, the incredible Duo!


It is with great enthusiasm that we present the new Scoro E in its elegant black carbon-look, and the improved Scoro S with even more performance and a modern, matching design to you today.


Scoro E fascinates just by its appearance. In secretive black, it does not immediately display all its strengths, but rather keeps key features under cover. Simplification by reduction is the watchword. With an intuitive menu navigation, the innovative ECTC system, two lamp outlets and excellent output of 3200J or 1600J, the Scoro E is armed for the best results in fashion and still-life photography.


For the launch of Scoro S and E, broncolor has had an experienced team to produce a new video. They were able to engage one of the world's best "Free runner" specialists, Kevin Fluri. He dominates space with speed and precision, just like our Scoros.

See him now on broncolors YouTube chanel. or




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