Professional photographic equipment and digital printing

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CS & CG Promotional prices


New at Hotz, BD background paper!

Kaiser Fromat Masks 24,5 x 36,5

To enlarge or photograph a black border around the picture.

Professional photographic equipment and digital printing

253m² showroom, more than 300m shelves, 70m² demo studio, more than 40 brands! Hotz, as a professional division of De Beukelaer & C° n.v. , importer of photographic equipment and channel of distribution for the professional photographers and photo & video retailers in Belgium.

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LUPO SUPERPANEL - The most powerfull LED panel 30x30

Available in DUAL-COLOR and MONO-COLoR version, with LOCAL DIMMER or DMX control.

The new SUPERPANEL range is available in DUAL-COLOR and MONO-COLOR version, with LOCAL DIMMER or DMX control. 
SUPERPANEL models emit a tremendous amount of uniform and surrounding light (22.000 LUX at 1 m) and they are 8 times brighter than normal LED panels!
SUPERPANEL range offers many advantages and exclusive features:
  • 400 Surface Mount LEDs with exclusive 'True Colors' technology (CRI > 95)
  • LUXX at 1m: 22000
  • Ultra light, compact and easy to handle (2.3Kg)
  • Dimensions: 320x340x65mm
  • Power with battery or on mains
  • Fully dimmable from 0 to 100%
  • Ultra silent active or passive cooling mode
  • Very low consumption: just 120W
  • Light output: equivalent to about 2000W
  • Available with LOCAL DIMMER or DMX control


CS & CG Promotional prices

type   excl
CS2420   519,00
CS2731   815,00
CS2740   1149,00
CG2420   998,00
CG247X   1179,00
CG2730   1298,00
CG279X   1549,00
CG319   3598,00

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We will help you calibrating your monitor !

BD Seamless Background Paper

The photographer's top choice since 1937!

BD Background Paper has been the professional photographer's top choice for over 60 years. It has a high-quality, fine tooth non-reflecting surface. Compatible with a variety of mediums, it is ideal for photo backgrounds, display banners, drafting and decorations. BD seamless paper rolls are core wound and wrapped in a plastic sleeve. Browse 50 unique colors to find the perfect fit for your next photo shoot.
All 2.72m paper is shipped in sturdy cartons. 
Up to 4 sizes available; 2,72m x 11m, 1,35m x 11m, 2,18m x 11m and 3,56m x 32m.

Kaiser Easy-fit LED Shooting Kit


Compact shooting table for small object photography without an interfering background. Comprised of a foldable tubular steel frame and a white translucent plastic sheet with preformed front edge. Easy setup and take-down without need of tools, space-saving storage. Base frame with nonskid feet. 

Accessories (lights, gooseneck etc.) can be attached via lateral shackles using two fastening screws.

Level work space on table: approx. 61 x 35 cm (24.0 x 13.8 in.).
Height of backdrop: approx. 35 cm (13.8 in.).
19 cm (7.5 in.) free space underneath the table for a transmitted light source (light box).

Total dimensions: (WxHxD): 71 x 53 x 65 cm (28.0 x 20.9 x 25.6 in.).
Weight: approx. 2.9 kg (6,4 lbs.). Two compact daylight-type light panels for soft and even illumination. Features 96 high CRI LEDs in a slim housing. Includes swivel joint with 3 detent joints and adjustable foot.    14 x 20 cm (5.5 x 7.9 in.) panel with diffusor screen.

Excellent lighting quality by employing selected LEDs with a high color rendering index (CRI) of 95. Flicker-free light, free from infrared and UV content. 5600 Kelvin color temperature (daylight/neutral color rendering).
Each panel with 480 lux maximum illuminance at 1 m (3 ft.) distance and particularly wide 110° angle of radiation (half-value angle).

Light can be individually positioned in height and inclination via three detent joints on the bracket. Sideward rods of the foot can be positioned individually to achieve a safe stand. Foot can be folded for storage.

New Kaiser Book Holder

Book Holder 69/50 AR

 5774: Book Holder 69/50 AR

Kaiser Fromat Masks 24,5 x 36,5

To enlarge or photograph a black border around the picture.

For insertion into 4583 compound negative carrier of SYSTEM-V enlargers and for former 4483 and 4493 compound negative carrier.
Also for the holding devices FilmCopy Vario and FilmCopy Vario Kit.
Pairs of masks with antistatic finish.
Dimensions: approx. 100 x 72.5 mm (3.9 x 2.9 in.)
4491: Format masks 24.5 x 36.5 mm (35 mm) (a + b).
To enlarge or photograph a black border around the picture.
With guide ridges for film strips and neg number read-out window.